June 2, 2017 - today I realized I love music. That may seem hella basic, but I'd never actually said that to myself until today #thingsirealizedinjune

June 6, 2017 - today I realized that telling myself I just need to wake up earlier is a fuckin dumb ass solution to some problems that are actually much more complex. #thingsirealizedinjune

June 19, 2017 - today I realized: 1) I (frfr) need to drink more water. 2) I live next to an incredible body of water 3) The significance of both of these statements seems to be growing exponentially with time šŸ˜ #thingsirealizedinjune

June 30, 2017 - This month I realized I gotta move to a borderless, nationless, ownerless planet ASAP. I finished writing my first graphic novel while at the same time (& after record highs of hate mail lol) often questioned why I continue to share art with the world. I got hyped up on some @champagnepapi and decided Iā€™d post this anyway, but did so also understanding that every single image in the universe resounds infinitely (literally) & who fuckin knows what its capable of out there. Again, more astrophysics in our abolitionist and decolonial frameworks, please. this concludes #thingsirealizedinjune thanks, breezy.