#1: My Unapologetic Emotional Awareness Guide

My Unapologetic Emotional Awareness Guide is a tool for working through moments of overwhelming emotion. It is the first of a series of zines meant to inspire increased attention to our community's diverse healing needs. You can download, print, and fold this zine below:

#2: MY UNAPOLOGETIC interpersonal conflict GUIDE

My Unapologetic Interpersonal Conflict Guide is a tool for the individual cognitive possessing of a specific occasion of conflict.  It is based on four dimensions of post-conflict justice: accountability, healing, restoration, and transformation. You can download, print, and fold this zine below: 


The Pocket Healing Zines are made free and accessible thanks to a strong community of supporters who supplement the cost of printing, production, and delivery. 


Note: The Pocket Healing Zines are protected by copyright © 2016, Bria M. Royal. The Pocket Healing Zines are a community resource and may be photocopied and distributed EXCLUSIVELY for educational purposes. The resale and commercial usage of the Pocket Healing Zines is prohibited. For permission requests or questions regarding the use of the Pocket Healing Zines, contact info@briaroyal.com