sarah ftp award.gif

Sarah Ji,

It is an honor to take part in honoring the critical work you do for our movements. You are a one-woman library and your documentation tells stories that multimillion$ museums have failed to convey. Photos are very sacred artifacts, literally capturing the exact light of an instant. If you know me well, than you know I am sometimes weary of photography; the way it can prematurely memorialize us. But Sarah doesn't capture ghosts, but, rather, amplifies spirits that defy spacetime. These spirits exude affirmation in how far we've come (love) and yet remind us why our movement must continue (struggle).

As we enter a new era of privatization, information hoarding, and filtering, your labor in particular will resound with an importance far beyond what is immediately conceivable. But don't let that discourage you from taking some time off when you need it! :)

so thankful for you as well as all of the people who have been brought into my life through you, 

<3 bria