A space is an active environment. A space is political. A space is the sum of the conditions set in motion by the people who inhabit it. A space facilitates action and prompts reaction. Space is necessary to thrive. A space designed for black people to truly exist in is our most urgent need. Such a space won't appear on its own. 

Many have asked what they/we can do for me/us this week. My ask is to hold space for black people in whatever capacity you are able to. That means black people self-determining our availability without capitalism's permission. That means black people shouting their stories into the lands. That means hearing those stories from actual black people. That means time set aside for unconditional affirmation, listening to our needs, inviting people over to build. That means embodying and adopting the revolutionary practices we seek to become our everyday lifestyle. That means space for black people. 

That means non-black allies seriously asking themselves whether or not they are truly upholding space for black people or simply trying to 'behold' space. My healing is not summoned to be content for your bewilderment, your newsfeed, your gossip, your consumption...

My blackness is super salient right now. I want that to always be a beautiful feeling. That will require revolution - a total rebuild. My body, my mind, my emotions - my healing - will be a part of that.