*Black Girl Mania: the graphic novel is coming to print june 2017!* 

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Black Girl Mania explores issues in mental health and bipolar disorder through the mind of Géminis, a world renowned platanera living in the soon-to-be future. After reviving the entire musa genus from near viral extinction and bringing great pride to her family, island and Earth, the pressure of her sudden notoriety causes a curious split that interrogates her identity at its core. Follow along as Géminis learns to navigate her new found multiplicity, with the "help" of a three headed chupacabras, some uncontrolled substances, and the occasional visit from an ancestor. 


Manía Negrita es un viaje a través de la mente de Géminis, una platanera mundialmente reconocida que vive en un futuro próximo. Después de reviviendo la totalidad del género musa del peligro cercano de una extinción viral y trayendo gran orgullo a su familia, la isla y la Tierra, la presión de su repentina notoriedad provoca una escisión curiosa que interroga su identidad en su esencia. Siga a lo largo Géminis aprende a navegar su nuevamente encontrada multiplicidad, con la "ayuda" de un chupacabras con tres cabezas, algunas sustancias no controladas, y la visita ocasional de un ancestro.


Episode Guide:

Episode 1: The Split - May 2016. Ep. 1 introduces the series back story. We meet Geminis and learn the story of how she became a world renowned Platanera - one of the world's most important botanist. The pressure of her new role triggers a split in her mood that changes her life forever.

Episode 2: The Multiples - June 2016. After the split, Gemenis begins seeing Cerbero, a 3-headed chupacabras, who attempts to relate to Gemenis's recent experiences through a classic riddle. 

Black Girl Mania is also being published over at La Respuesta.