*Black Girl Mania: the graphic novel is coming to print september 26, 2017!* 

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Struggling to stay afloat off the coast of the last habitable landmass on the planet, Géminis Castores makes a garden ‘discovery’ that could secure her a SPOT for generations to come - until a psychological split turns out to be both the brink and bane of her success.

bria royal’s Black Girl Mania: The Graphic Novel uses afro-indigenous futurism and comic book conventions to highlight one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of bipolar disorder - mania.

“The goal is to offer a representation of bipolar disorder and neurodivergence that is neither demonizing, overly sympathetic, nor fetishizing, and that centers people of color - particularly, black femmes." - bria royal

Black Girl Mania: The Graphic Novel will be available for expanded distribution beginning September 26, 2017

For inquiries, email briamroyal@gmail.com.

Black Girl Mania began as a web series published at La Respuesta. You can read episodes from the original run below:

Episode Guide:

Episode 1: The Split - May 2016. Ep. 1 introduces the series back story. We meet Geminis and learn the story of how she became a world renowned Platanera - one of the world's most important botanist. The pressure of her new role triggers a split in her mood that changes her life forever.

Episode 2: The Multiples - June 2016. After the split, Gemenis begins seeing Cerbero, a 3-headed chupacabras, who attempts to relate to Gemenis's recent experiences through a classic riddle.